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Graphic Recordings From Ignite NYC X at Web 2.0 Expo

The talented Nora Herting of ImageThink joined the Ignite NYC team to document last night's Ignite NYC X: Web 2.0 Expo Edition. She didn't bring a camera or computer though...

MARK DRAPEAU: "Successful Social Networking While Intoxicated"


MIKE RUGNETTA: "My Little Rights Management Story"

ESTHER DYSON: "What you can and can't learn from your genes"

AARON SCHILDKROUT & BRIAN SCHECHTER: "How the Internet Saved Dating"

DR. ALEX KILPATRICK: "Defeating Big Brother -- How to Fool Biometric Sensors"

LAUREL RUMA: "Gov 2.0"

ALEX HOWARD: "Future Is Mobile"

Keep in mind that these were 5 minute talks she was transcribing! Find out more about Nora Herting's work at ImageThink.

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Which one is your favorite graphic recording?


Photo Gallery: IgniteNYC IX at InternetWeek

Did you miss IgniteNYC IX? Well Sheila Maithel has you covered. She snapped dozens of amazing photos at IgniteNYC: Internet Week Edition. Here are some of our favorites with links to their accompanying IgniteNYC IX videos.


LAUREN SIEGEL: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Living In a Hippie Commune


LARRY SMITH: Told You I'd Be Published Someday: The Story of the Six-Word Memoir Project

CATHERINE WHITE: "The Noisy Idiot Dilemma"

GREG LEUCH: Shaved Bieber

See more photos of IgniteNYC IX at Sheila's Flickr.

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Must-See Graphic Recordings from IgniteNYC IX: Internet Week Edition

Heather Willems sat in the front row during Ignite IX during Internet Week and took some notes. These aren't typical scribblings though. She's a professional graphic recorder and normally turns much longer (think 2 hour) conversations into illustrations. Ignite talks are only 5 minutes!

Josh Knowles

Zach Lieberman

Stowe Boyd

See more amazing graphic recordings from Heather at IgniteNYC IX at ImageThink.


Ignite NYC VII

Welcome to Ignite NYC's brand new web hub! Make sure to grab the RSS feed or updates as we add stuff.

Besides our new face, our next event is right around the corner on March 4th at the Galapagos Art Space.












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